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Assault weapon registrations in California are up 43% under new law
Posted: July 20, 2018

Assault weapons registered in California have increased by 43% under a new law that expanded the types of firearms gun owners must log with the state. Californians have applied to register 68,848 additional assault weapons in the last 11 months to comply with a state law enacted following the 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino. ...

Video: 20 Years Ago, a Deadly Shooting in the Capitol Changed Life on the Hill Forever
Posted: July 20, 2018

On July 24, 1998, a schizophrenic man with a gun walked into the U.S. Capitol. The ensuing rampage resulted in the deaths of two Capitol police officers, Detective John M. Gibson and Officer Jacob J. Chestnut, who saved the lives of Majority Whip Tom DeLay, his staff and countless others. The incident changed the Capitol community forever, boosting momentum for construction of the Capitol Visitors Center and much of the security we experience tod ...

Guns can be removed from those deemed dangerous under law signed by Rauner; he also extends 'cooling off' period to assault-style weapons
Posted: July 17, 2018

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law Monday a measure allowing police to take away guns from those judged in court to pose a threat. He also extended the 72-hour gun-purchase waiting period to all firearms, but said he would veto a measure adding more oversight to gun stores. ...

‘Downloadable Gun’ Clears a Legal Obstacle, and Activists Are Alarmed
Posted: July 16, 2018

Learning to make a so-called ghost gun — an untraceable, unregistered firearm without a serial number — could soon become much easier. The United States last month agreed to allow a Texas man to distribute online instruction manuals for a pistol that could be made by anyone with access to a 3-D printer. The man, Cody Wilson, had sued the government in 2015 after the State Department forced him to take down the instructions because they viola ...

Secret Service urges schools to set up 'threat teams' to prevent shootings
Posted: July 13, 2018

The Secret Service is urging U.S. schools to establish teams that can assess threats and prevent shootings such as the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead. In a report unveiled Thursday, the Secret Service offered schools guidance on spotting suspicious behavior and figuring out when and how to intervene. ...

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