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'Smack them with a hymnal': Authorities train church leaders to respond if tragedy strikes

Posted on December 5, 2017

A Maryland sheriff reached out to a few churches to gauge interest in a training session on how to react if a mass gunman entered their house of worship. Sixty people signed up, but on the day of the training, 120 attended in the standing-room-only basement of a sheriff's office training facility about 60 miles north of Washington. The training wasn't new, but after shootings at a church in Charleston, S.C., a mosque in Quebec City and last...

House panel backs bill expanding gun owners' rights

Posted on November 30, 2017

A key House committee on Wednesday approved a Republican bill to expand gun owners' rights - the first gun legislation since mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas killed more than 80 people. On a party-line vote, the Judiciary Committee backed a bill that would allow gun owners with a state-issued concealed carry permit to carry a handgun in any state that allows concealed weapons. Republicans said the reciprocity measure would allow gun...

Law enforcement leaders fight concealed-carry gun bill

Posted on November 30, 2017

As lawmakers in the House advanced out of committee a bill Wednesday that would ease interstate travel for gun owners with permitted concealed weapons, a group of law enforcement leaders gathered with congressmen from both parties to slam the legislation as something that would jeopardize public safety across America. Police officers think this is a terrible idea, said Manhattan's district attorney, Cy Vance. 'Prosecutors think this is a...

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Assault Rifle, Open-Carry Appeals

Posted on November 30, 2017

The U.S. Supreme Court steered clear of the intensifying gun debate after the mass shootings in Nevada and Texas, turning away two appeals from firearms advocates, including one that sought a constitutional right to own a semiautomatic assault rifle. The justices, without comment Monday, left intact a ruling that upheld Maryland's ban on assault weapons. In a separate case, the high court refused to require Florida to let handguns be carried...

Air Force review finds 'several dozen' more cases like Texas church shooter

Posted on November 30, 2017

An Air Force review has found several dozen cases where the service failed to provide information about criminal convictions to the FBI database used in the background checks for gun purchases. The review by the Air Force's Inspector General was prompted by the service's failure to provide, as required, the details of Devin Kelley's domestic violence conviction to the FBI's databases. An Air Force statement released today said that following...

FBI database for gun buyers missing millions of records

Posted on November 30, 2017

The FBI's background-check system is missing millions of records of criminal convictions, mental illness diagnoses and other flags that would keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands, a gap that contributed to the shooting deaths of 26 people in a Texas church this week. Experts who study the data say government agencies responsible for maintaining such records have long failed to forward them into federal databases used for gun...

Sessions orders review of firearms tracking system

Posted on November 30, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the federal government to review a system used to track gun ownership and restrict firearms sales. The move comes less than three weeks after Devin Kelley, a court-martialed Air Force veteran, used a rifle he bought in 2016 to kill 25 people inside a Sutherland Springs, Texas, church.

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St. Louis leaders push gun buyback program as city could surpass 200 homicides this year
Posted: December 13, 2017

With 196 homicides so far this year, St. Louis is on track to pass the 200 murder mark in a single year for the first time in more than two decades, city leaders say. City police have already seized more than 2,000 guns this year, but Mayor Lyda Krewson argues that it's not nearly enough. The city will be implementing a gun buyback program, expected to begin next week, to help get some firearms off the streets, she said. ...

As shootings and homicides drop in Englewood, a new optimism grows
Posted: December 8, 2017

Violence in the Englewood police district has dropped dramatically in 2017, with shootings falling 44 percent and homicides down 45 percent over 2016. It's only one year, experts, cops and even residents caution. But it's happening here in Englewood, a neighborhood whose name has long been synonymous with violence, gang warfare, poverty and despair. ...

Accidental gun killings surged after Sandy Hook school shooting
Posted: December 8, 2017

A surge in gun buying in the months immediately following the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, corresponded with an increase in accidental gun deaths in the United States, one-third of them in children, according to an analysis published today in Science. About 60 additional unintended shooting deaths, roughly 20 of them in children, occurred in the 5 months after the shooting, conclude the study's... ...

House votes to expand concealed-carry rights on same day as gun violence vigil
Posted: December 7, 2017

The House voted Wednesday mostly along party lines to expand the right to carry concealed weapons, passing the National Rifle Association's top legislative priority on the same day as a national vigil commemorating the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would require each state to recognize concealed carry permits from every other state - as they would a driver's license - regardless of different... ...

Law enforcement officials eye gun ban for marijuana users
Posted: December 7, 2017

As lawmakers consider whether to legalize recreational marijuana use, some law enforcement officials are suggesting new steps to ensure that marijuana users in Delaware are prohibited from buying guns. ...

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